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Declaring a Major

During the Volunteer Bridge Program, students will not be enrolled in a specific major. However, they will receive help from UT and PSCC advisors to prepare for admission to the UT degree program of their choice.

To declare a major, Volunteer Bridge students must meet that major’s entry criteria. Students interested in more rigorous majors or pathways (such as pre-med, pre-vet, engineering, business, etc.) should strive to significantly exceed the required Volunteer Bridge Program GPA of 2.0 in order to be competitive in those majors or pathways.

Please note that it is very difficult to enter UT’s College of Nursing as a sophomore. Students with a serious interest in studying nursing should consider their options carefully before enrolling in the Volunteer Bridge Program. Such students are encouraged to contact an advisor in UT’s College of Nursing to discuss their prospects and options before making their decision.

Prospective music or music education majors at UT must try out and/or undergo an interview process to enter the major. These tryouts/interviews typically occur in Volunteer Bridge students’ spring semester. Other majors may require auditions, portfolios, and other requirements depending on the major.