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Costs & Financial Aid

Please note that the estimated costs and aid amounts listed are per semester and based on 2020-2021 school year. Costs are subject to increase. 

Cost Guide

Volunteer Bridge students have two bills due each semester—one for PSCC (tuition/fees) and one for UT (select fees, housing, etc.).

The UT payment deadline is deferred to a point later in each semester to allow Volunteer Bridge students to receive their excess financial aid money (if any) from PSCC before having to pay the UT bill.

Volunteer Bridge students living on campus are also assessed a one-time LLC fee of $50 in the fall semester.

Please note that the estimated costs and aid amounts listed are per semester and based on 2020-2021 school year. Costs are subject to increase. 

Estimated Tuition/ Fees & Others Costs for
Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 
(Per Semester)

(per semester)


(per semester)

NOTE: These cost estimates are based on 2020-2021 rates and are subject to change.
PSCC: Tuition/ Fees Estimate for 15 credit hours $2,294 $8,897
PSCC: Books Estimate

This is an average cost estimate based on 2020-2021 stats

$650 $650
UT: Student Services Fees
Not including facilities fees or study abroad fee
$736 $736
UT: Bridge Program Fee (non-refundable) $225 $225
UT: Housing (optional) Double Room in Clement Hall (Rates subject to change. See for updated rates.) $3,350 $3,350
UT: Meal Plan (optional) Volunteer Bridge students are not required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans range from $565/semester to $2,225/semester; this estimate is based on the “block 75 meal plan”. $845 $845
UT: Parking Students who wish to keep a car on UT’s campus need this pass. Motorcycle rates differ. Parking at PSCC is free. $294
(entire year)
(entire year)
Total Estimated Costs Per Semester including optional costs and based on 2020-2021 school year, subject to increase $8,394/ semester $14,997/ semester
Potential Available Financial Aid (for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, per semester) Per Semester
Subsidized Loans (if eligible). Federal loans that must be paid back but do not accrue interest while students are enrolled in school $1,750/semester
Unsubsidized Loans (all students eligible). Federal loans that must be paid back and do accrue interest while students are in school $1,000/semester
Parent PLUS Loan and/or Alternative Loan. Federal PLUS loans are for eligible parent borrowers. If a PLUS loan is denied, the student’s $1,000/semester unsubsidized loan amount may be increased to $3,000. Alternative Student Loans are loans through a private bank which often require a co-signer. variable
HOPE Scholarship (if eligible). Volunteer Bridge students receive the two-year HOPE amount in the first year and receive the four-year amount in the second year and beyond, assuming matriculation to UT and retention of HOPE scholarship $1,500/semester
Pell Grant (if eligible). Federal aid that does not need to be paid back. Not all students are eligible for Pell Grants! Whether a student is eligible for any—partial or full—Pell Grant funding depends on estimated family contribution (EFC) and other need-based factors, as determined by the FASFA. Maximum of $3,173/semester
Tennessee Promise (if eligible). Applied only to students’ PSCC bills. Note that this is a last-dollar scholarship, meaning that the HOPE scholarship (if eligible), PELL grant (if eligible), and TSAA grant (if eligible) will be applied first to the PSCC bill before TN Promise kicks in. Remaining
PSCC bill (certain fees and all books not covered – if eligible)

If you are an in-state student, make sure your Tennessee Promise Scholarship and Tennessee HOPE Lottery Scholarship are sent to PSCC. Log into the TSAC Student Portal at to update your school choice. You may also print the TSAC Change of Institution Form and fax to the number provided.

Pellissippi State offers hundreds of scholarships that can make it possible for you to attend college — based on a wide range of criteria, including financial need, academic qualifications, program of study and more. To be matched with a scholarship, complete the Scholarship Application which includes a Scholarship Recommendation Letter.

The Scholarship Recommendation Letter is a written recommendation from a faculty member, advisor, teacher, employer or another person who can speak to your academic or professional achievements.

The scholarship application must be completed by the priority financial aid application deadline each semester. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and scholarship awards are contingent upon available funding.

NOTE: Volunteer Bridge students are not eligible for any UT scholarships during their first year in the program.

All financial aid for Volunteer Bridge students must go through PSCC every semester they are in the program. Volunteer Bridge students should list PSCC (school code 012693) as their #1 institution on the 2021-22 FAFSA forms. Any financial aid or scholarship money sent directly to UT for a Volunteer Bridge student will be returned to the sender.

A student’s federal financial aid will be applied to the PSCC bill first, then the PSCC Business Office will disburse the student’s excess financial aid, if any, to the student. The student is responsible for paying fees to UT. PSCC does not pay UT directly. Each semester, the UT staff will place Volunteer Bridge students receiving financial aid in a deferment, to allow time for students to receive any excess financial aid before the UT bill is due. Students with overdue balances at either institution will have holds placed on their accounts and may be removed from the program as a result.

 Fall 2021 Semester Bill Due Dates

PSCC Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline August 11, 2021
UT Volunteer Bridge deferred payment plan October 2, 2021 and October 30, 2021

Spring 2022 Semester Bill Due Dates

PSCC Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline January 10, 2022
UT Volunteer Bridge deferred payment plan February 26th and March 26th