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Student Life

Payment of student fees at both UT and PSCC gives Volunteer Bridge students access to a variety of student life activities on both campuses.

Volunteer Bridge students are enrolled full-time at PSCC and thus have access to all PSCC student activities, opportunities, and services. While Volunteer Bridge students are eligible for almost all UT student activities, opportunities, and services, because they are not enrolled as full-time, degree-seeking students at UT in the first year, there are some restrictions.


Volunteer Bridge students are able to secure UT student tickets to football games and other athletic and entertainment events.

Volunteer Bridge students are not eligible to participate in intercollegiate (NCAA) athletics, including dance and cheerleading squads, at UT while enrolled in the Volunteer Bridge Program.

Volunteer Bridge students are eligible for intramural sports and similar activities.

Different UT sport clubs have different requirements. Some allow Volunteer Bridge students to join without restriction. Some allow Volunteer Bridge students to practice but not compete until enrolled full-time at UT (rather like being red-shirted). Some do not allow Volunteer Bridge participation. Students interested in participating in a specific sport club while in the program should contact Volunteer Bridge Program staff for information about that club’s policies.


Volunteer Bridge students may use recreational facilities on both the UT and PSCC campuses. At UT, Volunteer Bridge students’ student ID will serve as their ticket to recreational facilities.


Volunteer Bridge students will be able to participate in ROTC on the UT campus. To complete the ROTC program at UT, students must be full-time UT students at the beginning of their junior year.

Clubs & Organizations

PSCC offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations that Volunteer Bridge students can join. For more information, visit the PSCC Student Life website.

Volunteer Bridge students will not be able to pledge to UT social fraternities or sororities until they have completed the program and transferred to UT.

At UT, Volunteer Bridge students can participate in almost all recreational activities, student clubs and organizations, and engagement opportunities.

Volunteer Bridge students cannot apply for certain leadership opportunities, such as being an RA or Ignite Team Leader, until after they complete the program and are enrolled in classes at UT.


Volunteer Bridge students may not participate in the Pride of the Southland Marching Band or other UT music groups or ensembles until after they complete the program and transfer to UT. However, students are eligible to participate in instrumental and vocal ensemble groups at the PSCC Hardin Valley campus.

Study Abroad

While in the Volunteer Bridge Program, students are eligible for study abroad opportunities through PSCC, most commonly in the summer following their first year. These programs are offered through TnCIS.

Volunteer Bridge students are encouraged to complete at least one full semester at UT (fall or spring) before seeking a study abroad opportunity through UT. Visit UT’s Programs Abroad Office for more information.