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Peer Mentor Positions

Job Description

Volunteer Bridge peer mentors will mentor current Volunteer Bridge students and serve as positive role models. Mentors will serve as guides and connect students to academic and social resources on campus. Mentors will help students adjust to college life and navigate both PSCC and UT campuses. Additionally, mentors will work in the office on special projects and be present at monthly seminars.

TERM OF APPOINTMENT: June 1st, 2021 through May 31st, 2022

HOURS: Arrangements for your work schedule will be made through Christopher Mathis. In the summer you will have a few hours to work on tasks & other opportunities. In the Fall & Spring Semester you will work 10 hours per week. Peer Mentors are required to come in for office hours, study hall, and additional tasks to complete 10 hours each week.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Positive attitude and sincere desire to help students
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Be good representatives of UT: “positive honest”; enthusiasm throughout everything: respect UT rules.
  • Be supportive: recognize accomplishment; give and accept constructive criticism; notice when someone is having a bad day and help them out
  • Maturity to function as a staff member in a university office
  • Professional demeanor for a leadership position
  • Must be a former Volunteer Bridge student
  • 2.5 GPA

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Build community among students by creating and developing social and academic programs
  • Foster an inclusive environment for students
  • Other duties as assigned


  • $10/hour

Specific Requirements:

Note: Hours spent doing these tasks could be included in weekly office hour times. (Example: Time spent reviewing applications and interviewing Peer Mentor applicants will count as office hours for that week.)

  • BiWeekly PM Team Meeting (1 hour every other week)
    • Peer Mentors will meet to discuss current projects with each other and participate in team building activities. Biweekly meetings will be led by Christopher.
  • Weekly Office Hours (2 hours each week)
    • Peer Mentors will work on various tasks and projects assigned by Christopher.
  • Bimonthly 1:1 with Supervisor 
    • Peer Mentors will meet on the first of every month with Christopher Mathis to check in on current projects and plan for future assignments.
  • Peer Mentor Recruitment and Hiring (January – February)
    • Peer Mentors will review Peer Mentor applications, select candidates for interviews, interview candidates, and make selections.
  • First-Year Seminars Conference (5 hour time commitment – April)
    • FYS 101, FYS 129, Volunteer Bridge, and TRNS 201 Instructors and Peer Mentors attend a training conference in late spring. The topics range from instructor and PM responsibilities to required assignments. The conference is a required component and will be held virtually.
  • Large Group Training (3 hour time commitment – May)
    • Peer Mentors will participate in a post-conference seminar training at the end of May. Attendees will further explore best practices that surround supporting a first-year experience.
  • Small Group Trainings (2 hour time commitment – August)
    • Peer Mentors will meet to reflect on and apply concepts and theories that have been discussed in previous training and how they can be applied to first-year experiences at UT.
  • FYS 401 Seminar / Practicum (Approx. 22 hour time commitment)
    • FYS 401 will meet every other week during the fall semester and will attend classes
  • Additional Peer Mentor Events (Approx. 15 hour time commitment)
    • Peer Mentor participation and engagement with these additional events
      • Welcome to Rocky Top!
      • Vol to Vol Meetings
      • Student Success Week

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